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Where to Call When You Noticed a Blunt-Nosed Viper?

Updated: 3 months ago

There are many reptiles in Northern Cyprus, but not all are dangerous. One can usually meet snakes near small basins or mountains.

On the island, you can meet the Cyprus grass snake up to one meter long. These snakes may be beige, dark brown, or gray. Cyprus grass snake is not poisonous and safe for humans.

Another type of harmless reptile is the Cyprus wood snake, about one and a half meters long. The color of it varies: brown, light brown, beige, or black. A distinctive feature of the Cyprus wood snake is a white ring framing the eyes.

Also, there is a Boiga or a cat snake in Northern Cyprus. It is small - a maximum of half a meter long. It hunts at night and eats lizards. Although poisonous, it is not dangerous to an adult. Boiga's venom can only harm a child, but its bite is not fatal and causes no serious health consequences.

The most unpleasant and dangerous snake on the island is a blunt-nosed viper or Macrovipera Lebetinus. Its length can reach two meters, and the colors merge with the surrounding nature - inconspicuous gray-brown. A distinctive feature of this snake is its triangular head. If you see a blunt-nosed viper near your home, it is better to contact the emergency snake-catching service. The phones in Girne:

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