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Food Establishments Checked on Public Beach in Iskele

17.06.2024 / 13:29

The Iskele Municipality's Department of Environment and Health conducted inspections of food kiosks, restaurants, and cafes situated on the public beach. These inspections were carried out ahead of the Kurban Bayram celebrations, ensuring compliance with hygiene regulations and product expiration dates.

During the inspections, sanitary services issued warnings to two kiosk owners for infractions. Owners of other dining establishments were given a grace period to submit necessary documents to the Department of Environment and Health.

Accompanied by teams from the Ministry of Health's Primary Medical Care Department and the Iskele Police Department, these checks did not uncover any significant violations of sanitary norms at the inspected restaurants and cafes on the public beach in Iskele.

Further inspections of public catering establishments in the region will continue throughout the Kurban Bayram holiday.

Residents and visitors of Iskele are encouraged to contact the Department Head, Jemal Kurteli, at 0548 810 11 01 or send messages via WhatsApp for any inquiries during Kurban Bayram.

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