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Hunger Threshold Increases in Northern Cyprus in June

09.07.2024 / 14:53

The Union of Cyprus and Turkey Civil Servants (KTAMS) has announced that as of June 30, the hunger threshold for a family of four in Northern Cyprus is 25,770 Turkish Lira.

According to a survey conducted by the union, the required expenses for healthy nutrition are as follows:

  • Adult male: 230.53 TL per day, 6,915 TL per month
  • Adult female: 220.87 TL per day, 6,626 TL per month
  • Children aged 15-19: 243.97 TL per day, 7,319 TL per month
  • Children aged 4-6: 163.65 TL per day, 4,909 TL per month

"The total mandatory daily food expenses for a family of four amount to 859 Turkish Lira, and monthly expenses reach 25,770 Turkish Lira," stated KTAMS.

The report was prepared by the Department of Stationary Medical Institutions of the Ministry of Health of TRNC, considering the dietary requirements for a family of four and the associated costs. Price analysis was provided to the union by the Statistical Institute of TRNC.

It is noteworthy that earlier in June, the Statistical Institute of TRNC reported an inflation rate of 4.48%. Prices have increased by 32.99% since the beginning of the year, resulting in an annual inflation rate of 83.17%. In May, the hunger threshold in Northern Cyprus was set at 24,268 Turkish Lira.

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