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Parking at Larnaca Airport

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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If you are leaving Cyprus for a short time through Larnaca, the island's main airport, you can use the parking facilities at the air terminal.

Depending on the duration of your absence, this may be more economical than ordering a taxi. Not to mention, it's simply more convenient. Here are the options for parking your car at the main airport of Cyprus.

Парковка в аэропорту Ларнаки

Short-term parking at Larnaca Airport

Drop-off and pick-up zones are located opposite the terminal building entrances and are free for a 1-minute stop. In practice, you can stay a bit longer, but it should still be within the time needed for passenger drop-off/pick-up and baggage loading/unloading.

You can also park your car for a longer period if you need to enter the airport for meeting or seeing someone off. There is one covered parking lot and three open ones. No reservation is needed, but it is also possible. All parking lots are within a 4-minute walk to the terminal.

Long-term parking at Larnaca Airport

For long-term parking at Larnaca Airport, you need to reserve a spot in advance and choose one of the four parking lots. Reservations are made on the website

Парковка в аэропорту Ларнаки бронирование

Parking options at Larnaca Airport:

  • Covered parking P4 (3-4 minutes to the terminal)
  • Open parking P5 (5-6 minutes to the terminal)
  • Open parking P1 (3-4 minutes to the terminal)
  • Open parking P2 Premium (1-2 minutes to the terminal)

Parking fees at Larnaca Airport

  • Daily payment depending on the chosen parking lot for summer 2024 ranges from 10 to 14 euros per hour; the more days, the cheaper each day becomes.
  • Weekly payment ranges from 32 to 79 euros.
  • Monthly parking costs range from 130 to 335 euros.
  • Hourly rate for advance booking on the website is the same as the daily rate.

Car rental at Larnaca Airport

If you arrive not in your own car but in a rented one, you will need to return it to the parking lot indicated by the rental agent when you pick up the car. Parking in this case is not paid; you simply return the car. You can rent a car at Larnaca Airport through Localrent or another aggregator; we have listed the main options in the article about car rental at Larnaca Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions about parking at Larnaca Airport

What is the minimum time for advance parking booking?

The minimum time for advance parking booking is one hour.

What are the parking options for disabled people?

If you are a traveler with disabilities, clearly marked parking spaces are provided on the drop-off and pick-up roads where you can stop for 5 minutes free of charge instead of one.

If you are a holder of a blue parking card, you can park in 22 designated zones for up to 120 minutes free of charge, provided the blue parking card is displayed on your car's dashboard.

What to do if you leave the car for longer than allowed?

Due to strict international security regulations, the airport administration under no circumstances allows cars to be parked or left unattended in drop-off and pick-up zones. Warning signs are installed on the roads informing you of the towing fine that will be imposed if you leave your car unattended in these zones.

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