Cyprus, Nicosia


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My name is Natalia Ivlieva.

I live in Russia, I can and am ready to do accounting for Cypriot entrepreneurs remotely, I know for a fact that this format is possible, convenient and profitable.

For 11 years I have been doing remote accounting for an investment company in Cyprus, namely buying and selling securities and derivative instruments, with a full cycle of all operations with the subsequent transfer of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement to the auditor.

The year was closed quickly in order to obtain a zero tax rate as early as possible, thus saving more than 100 thousand euros per year.

The recording of transactions was perfect and transparent.

All my conscious life experience as well as the expectations of my personal advancement lie in the field of accounting, analysis and auditing. It is my element and love.

In terms of time frame, that's over 20 years. Taking on difficult, sometimes hopeless cases to restore accounting. A lot of grateful heads of companies.

I have excellent knowledge of all accounting software products in Russia and AXLE programme in Cyprus.

Knowledge of international standards of financial reporting, legislation of Cyprus.

Business qualities - independent acquisition of necessary knowledge, skillfully and quickly use them without fears and doubts, analyse and build models of relationships, projects, tasks.

I bring any business to the end. I strive for the ideal in everything. I have an inquisitive mind.

Personal qualities - openness, charisma, diplomacy, respect and genuine interest to people, I love this life very much.

Knowledge of English and Greek - technical.

In business correspondence with the auditor understood each other.

I will provide the phone number of my former employer for a reference.