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Thunderstorms Expected in the Mountains and Inland Areas of Cyprus on July 10

10.07.2024 / 09:32

According to the Cyprus Department of Meteorology, on Wednesday, July 10, the region will be influenced by seasonal low pressure.

This morning, there will be localized increased cloudiness, leading to showers and thunderstorms, primarily in the mountains and inland areas. Hail is also possible during the thunderstorms.

According to the meteorological service forecast, today the air temperature will rise to 39°C in inland areas, 38°C on the northern coast, 32°C on the western coast, 34°C on other coasts, and 29°C in mountainous areas.

By evening, the weather will be mostly clear, although low cloudiness will increase at times. Locally, light fog or mist may form in the morning hours. The air temperature will drop to 24°C in inland areas and on the coasts, and to 21°C in the mountainous areas.

The weather in the coming days is expected to be mostly clear, although brief showers are possible. Temperatures will not change significantly and will remain slightly above average climatic values.

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