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COVID-19 Cases Rise in Cyprus Due to American Variant "Flirt"

09.07.2024 / 12:52

Cyprus has witnessed an increase in coronavirus infections. Doctors attribute the surge to a new strain originating in the United States.

Professor of Molecular Virology Dr. Karayannis, speaking on “Alpha Good Morning,” explained that the current spike occurred slightly earlier than in previous years due to a new virus variant from the United States known as the “Flirt” strain. This variant has spread from America to the United Kingdom and then across Europe.

According to the virologist, this strain is a subvariant of Omicron and is not particularly pathogenic. However, susceptibility largely depends on the individual, and cases with “very serious symptoms” have already been identified on the island. The respiratory system is most affected, especially in elderly individuals with underlying health conditions.

Currently, hospitalizations have not exceeded 10. Despite this, the scientist urged citizens to adhere to self-protection measures and seek medical attention if feeling unwell.

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