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In Limassol, a mosque — a cultural heritage monument — has been restored

02.07.2024 / 17:28

Another significant cultural heritage site in Cyprus has undergone restoration and is now accessible to the public. Renovation works have been completed at the mosque in Polemidia, Limassol.

The project was carried out under the auspices of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with financial backing from the European Union. The Polemidia mosque has been fully restored and preserved.

"Religious monuments serve not only as places of worship but also as repositories for preserving our collective memory, bearing witness to the history of this place and Cyprus' rich multicultural heritage," wrote Sotos Ktoris, Co-Chair of the Bicommunal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, on his social media page.

Earlier, there were reports that the United States urged communities in Cyprus to facilitate broader access to religious sites on both sides of the divide and to reduce discrimination against religious minorities on the island.

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