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How long is the beach season in Cyprus?

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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The island of Cyprus is one of the hottest places in the Mediterranean. And if in many southern countries, September is the last month for sea baths, then in Cyprus, September is still as hot as summer, and the water is also warm. It is still very hot in October, but the climate becomes milder and the summer heat gives way to comfortable temperatures. You can swim in the sea for the whole of October and even in November, however, closer to December, a strong wind begins, and it’s a little cool to go out of the sea. Talking about the beginning of the swimming season, one can comfortably swim in the first days of May. It is also possible from mid-April, but it will be cool, although it all depends on the beach, as somewhere the water warms up more, somewhere less. The official swimming season in Cyprus is from May to mid-November inclusive.

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