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Beste Restaurants in Ayia Napa

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Top 10 Restaurants in Ayia Napa

We have selected establishments that have received the highest ratings on various resources such as Restaurant Guru, Tripadvisor, and Google. Here are our winners.

Flames Restaurant and Bar

Known for its excellent service and appetizing dishes, Flames offers a combination of steakhouse classics, seafood, and traditional Cypriot cuisine.

The Deck Terrace Restaurant

This upscale restaurant with panoramic views offers luxurious seafood dishes and international cuisine.

Sale e Pepe

An Italian gem in Ayia Napa, known for its authentic pizza and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Perfect for a romantic evening.


The Avra restaurant offers a delightful menu of seafood, Mediterranean, and Greek dishes, loved for its fresh ingredients and cozy atmosphere.


This Italian restaurant is popular for its pizzas and Mediterranean dishes, making it a great place for both casual dinners and special occasions.

Lounge-Bar iPANEMA

A unique place offering Latin American cuisine, iPANEMA stands out with its innovative presentations and vibrant atmosphere.

Bella Italy Cy

Another fantastic Italian restaurant, Bella Italy Cy offers a wide selection of Italian and Mediterranean dishes and friendly service.

En Yevo Tavernaki

To try traditional Greek cuisine, be sure to visit En Yevo Tavernaki. Here you will be offered a variety of grilled dishes and local delicacies in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Nikitas Steak House

This steakhouse is renowned for its perfectly cooked steaks and diverse menu, including dishes from Mediterranean and European cuisines.


Open since 1990, Atlas is a family restaurant with a warm and friendly staff. Excellent Italian cuisine, one of the largest halls in Ayia Napa, which can easily accommodate even wedding dinners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food in Cyprus

What dishes should you try in Cyprus?

First of all, these are appetizers - meze. They will be served to you in many taverns before the main dish by default. It is also worth trying moussaka (eggplant-meat casserole), kleftiko (lamb cooked in a clay oven), and stifado (beef stewed in red wine and tomato sauce).

What wine should you drink in Cyprus?

There are many local wines in Cyprus, and to get acquainted with all varieties, you should go on winery tours of the island. But of course, commandaria stands out, about this Cypriot wine you should read a little more.

Which restaurants should you visit in Limassol?

There are also no problems with food in this popular resort, but we have a collection of the best restaurants in Limassol made on a similar principle here.

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