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Kuzey Kıbrıs'a giriş yapmak için hangi belgeler gereklidir?

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Makale eklemek ister misiniz?

Kısacası, Kuzey Kıbrıs'a giriş için gereken tek belge pasaporttur. Ancak bazı nüanslar vardır. Kuzey Kıbrıs'a girişle ilgili sıkça sorulan soruların yanıtlarını veriyoruz.

Какие документы нужны для въезда на Северный Кипр

Can I enter Northern Cyprus with only a passport?

Yes, a passport is the only document required to cross the border of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

What documents are needed for children to enter Northern Cyprus?

Formally, you should travel with a child who has a passport (if they are not included in the parents' passport) and a birth certificate. In practice, children are only asked for their passport at border control.

What is the required validity period for a passport?

The document must be valid for at least six months. An exception is countries where there is representation of the TRNC (here is a list of these countries), as well as EU citizens—in these cases, the validity of the document must be at least two months.

Is a visa required for Northern Cyprus?

No, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a visa-free state, and citizens of any country are stamped for short-term tourist stays upon entry.

How long can you stay in Northern Cyprus as a tourist?

In the vast majority of cases, this is 30 days. Rarely, but it happens, that a stamp allowing a stay for only 15 days is given. It is also rare to get _60 days. But in general, you should plan for a month, after which you either leave the country or change your status.

I am a citizen of the EU, how long can I stay in the TRNC without a residence permit?

There are no exceptions for EU citizens, except for the possibility of entering with a document valid for at least two months. Stay is permitted within the general rules applicable to everyone.

How can I extend a tourist visa?

This is possible through a request to the police department, but only for those who own real estate or live in a hotel (rented apartments do not qualify). Read more about this in the article “What is needed to extend a tourist visa in Northern Cyprus”.

What documents are needed to bring pets to Northern Cyprus?

Bringing a dog or cat to Northern Cyprus is much more difficult than bringing a person. There is no rabies on the island, and this status quo is quite seriously protected. Therefore, to transport animals, certain documents must be collected before the flight. Here is our guide on how to transport a pet to Northern Cyprus.

On what grounds can you stay in Northern Cyprus?

For this, you can obtain a residence permit (RP) on one of 17 grounds, or obtain a work or student visa. In this case, it is better to consult specialists, for example, the company DeJure.

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