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Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean with an eventful history and distinct culture. Here you can see ancient ruins, and medieval castles, and casinos next to Orthodox monasteries and mosques, and modern houses on ancient streets. In Cyprus, you will find local, British and American universities that offer international diplomas. And, of course, the pride of the island is a huge number of hotels and apartments for a comfortable stay and life.

The population of the island of Cyprus is 1,600,000 people, but both locals and visitors are a mix of nationalities, languages ​​and traditions. Tourists know more about the Republic of Cyprus, which is part of the EU, where Cypriots live, for whom the native language is Greek. The northern part of the island is under the jurisdiction of Turkey. The vast majority of the indigenous people of this particular part are of Turkish origin and the main language of the UK is Turkish.

Many of those who discover Cyprus stay here forever. The diversity of cultures, the mountains and the sea, the mild Mediterranean climate, delicious food and humane prices attract tourists and expats alike.

In the 70s of XX, after a military conflict, the island of Cyprus was divided into two parts. Although before that, residents with Greek roots and Turkish for many centuries coexisted side by side without quarrels and conflicts.
Today, the border runs along the island, which is guarded by UN troops and the military from the southern and northern parts. On the other hand, the Cypriots themselves freely travel from one part to another to work, shop and just spend time. EU citizens are also free to cross the border inside the island. Today, residents of the south and north are actively interacting with each other - they communicate, do business and even help each other in emergency situations, for example, to put out a fire. Our project, in turn, also wants to join this interaction. We are ready to help you sort out any legal, domestic, legal, visa issues at once on both parts of the island.

The idea of ​​the «Cyprus FAQ» project came from Russian-speaking immigrants who have already settled in Cyprus and love it. Our team consists of lawyers, journalists, real estate agents, representatives of the IT sector, athletes, financiers. We have been in Cyprus for a long time, we love this island and have arranged our life here. Therefore, we want to share with you useful information about the island, our experience and knowledge. After all, being a tourist in an unfamiliar country is not easy, and moving for a long time is generally a decisive step. There are many questions and we are ready to help you. Where to relax and eat deliciously, where it is better to buy groceries and how to solve everyday problems. Security, residence permit, tourism, study, visas, COVID - restrictions on the island, recreation, sports, transport, travel from north to south and vice versa, the banking system, minimization of moral and financial losses - in general, about all the subtleties and features of life in two parts Ktpra read on our website.

The project «Cyprus FAQ» is a huge database with answers to questions about the island of Cyprus. Our site is constantly updated and updated with new information.
«People who know everything!» - this is how you can characterize our team.
We will easily and gladly give you an answer to any question.

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