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Inspiration, Entertainment, Unforgettable Moments! Our Playbill section will tell you about the highlights and events in Cyprus. Concerts, parties, festivals - you can read our reviews and information notes here. Plan your time wisely and don't miss out on any of the island's highlights.
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Quick, Fresh, Important! Stay updated on the latest events in Northern Cyprus - we cover all aspects of life. Read about events, incidents, interviews, and reviews on our website. Don't miss out on crucial moments. The "News" section - stay in the center of what's happening!
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In this section you can find information on how to obtain or extend a local visa, Schengen or American visa, find out about the validity of your visa, pay a fine for delaying a visa and how to avoid a fine, as well as all questions about a residence permit.
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In this section, all questions related to the registration of a lease agreement, a sale and purchase agreement, obtaining a certificate of ownership and other issues related to real estate in the Republic of Cyprus.
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This section contains information about public hospitals and private clinics, their addresses and phone numbers. Also here you can find out where to get an MRI or get help from a Russian-speaking dentist. And of course - the contacts of duty pharmacies.
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In this section you will find information related to the purchase, rental and registration of cars. We will also tell you about the operation of public transport on the Cyprus.
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People traditionally go to the Republic of Cyprus for a beach or party vacation, and it is not worth going here for shopping. As for brands, their choice on the island is very modest, but the prices are high. As for brand replicas, in Southern Cyprus, they are much more expensive than in Northern Cyprus. But there are still authentic things that make sense to buy in Cyprus.
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In this section you will find answers to various interesting questions that are not included in the main sections, but are very relevant. Ordering food, restaurants, transporting animals and more.
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