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State Lottery in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 1 month ago

Northern Cyprus is quite a gambling place. You've probably heard about the famous casinos, but there is also a state lottery in the country.

Государственная лотерея ТРСК

State Lottery in TRNC

The state lottery in Northern Cyprus is a popular form of gambling among locals and tourists. This lottery offers participants a chance to win large cash prizes. The lottery is held regularly, and its results are published in local media and online. Participation in the lottery requires purchasing a ticket, which is sold at various locations throughout the island.

Rules of the State Lottery

  • The jackpot is not paid out for torn or damaged tickets, even if the numbers match.
  • For tickets with more than one prize, only the main prize is paid out.
  • The bonus payout period is three months.
  • Tickets are issued to the holder; no action is taken for tickets lost before or after the draw.
  • Bonuses are paid in accordance with the list approved by the Audit Office.
  • To claim the jackpot, you must present the ticket.
  • Ticket prices include value-added tax.
  • Anyone who purchases a ticket is considered to have accepted these terms.
  • Tickets are not sold to persons under 18 years of age.

Where to Buy Tickets

They are sold in various locations across the island, but most often near large stores or other places with crowds. It looks like a small table set up right on the street, or less frequently, a separate room with the sign "piyango" or "piyangolar."

Where to Check Results

The results of the largest draws are published in local media, including on our portal in the "News Cyprus-FAQ" section. For example, here is the latest draw, which brought the winner two million lira.

Additionally, you can check the results yourself on the page.

To start, select the draw date:

Государственная лотерея на Северном Кипре

Then enter the ticket number in this field:

Государственная лотерея на Северном Кипре

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the contact information of the lottery organizer?

Can minors participate?

  • No, the lottery is only for persons over 18 years old.

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