Cyprus, Nicosia

Grand Sapphire Resort & Casino

This luxurious casino brings moments of adrenaline with 303 slot machines at the top, while 42 live gaming tables offer classics like poker, blackjack, and roulette in a traditional casino atmosphere. In this place where every detail is carefully considered, players can experience both fun and high-level chances.

In this casino where technology is seamlessly integrated, a safe and convenient gaming experience is offered through a smart card system. While player comfort and security are always top priorities, a luxurious experience awaits guests.

Three VIP rooms create unforgettable moments with personalized services and luxury of high standards, offering privileged services for private guests. In these special rooms, you can play high stakes in an outstanding environment and experience a unique casino experience.

Grand Sapphire Resort and its exciting casino offer much more than just a gaming venue; it fills the eyes with its modern architecture and structural features, being the first in Cyprus. It is the perfect stop for those seeking affordable luxury and a seven-star atmosphere.

This outstanding casino in Northern Cyprus offers an exciting experience for enthusiasts and professional players. Here, you can reach the peaks of luxury and entertainment and accumulate memories that will last a lifetime.