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Fitness centres in North Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

To maintain good physical shape, many people need a fitness center. We will tell you where you can go to exercise in a gym in Northern Cyprus.

Types of Gyms in Northern Cyprus

Separate fitness centers are familiar spaces to many, equipped with exercise machines and other sports elements, and most often, with a sauna where it is beneficial to warm up after a workout. You can purchase a membership or pay for a single session.

Hotel fitness centers provide free access for their guests, while visitors from outside are offered the option to pay for individual visits. However, not all hotels allow outsiders.

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Fitness Centers in Northern Cyprus

Below is a list of fitness centers in Northern Cyprus with their contacts. Since prices on the island constantly change, we recommend calling to inquire about the current price for a session or membership.

Fitness Centers in Nicosia

Class One Fitness

Prolife fitness center

Ness Fitness & Wellness Club


VIP Sports Club

Z-GYM Fitness Center

SD Fitness Center

Fitness Centers in Kyrenia

Grand Insanity Fitness & Health Club



Be Feat & La Vita Wellness Center

BodyFit Sports club

Rott Gym

Sporium Fitness Club

Tonx Gym

Roma Explosion Gym Center

Fitness Centers in Famagusta

Lala Mustafa Pasha Sports Complex

M8 Fitness Center

Fit Academy Cyprus

BIGG Fitness

Fit Plus Premier Fitness & Gym

Fit Plus Fitness & Wellness Center ViaPark

Fitness Centers in Iskele

Royalsun Fitness & Crossfit Center

Fitness Centers in Alsancak

Ultimate Sports Club

Fitness Centers at Hotels in Northern Cyprus

Below is a list of hotels where you can visit the fitness center for an additional fee. It is usually included with the spa salon. There are also memberships available, but rules often change, so it is advisable to check the pages (links lead to the respective sections) or call to inquire. For example, at Kaya Palazzo, previously you could only visit the gym when purchasing a service in the spa center, but according to the latest information, access is only available to hotel guests.

Life Point Fitness SPA Pool

Merit Park Hotel Casino & Spa

Lord’s Palace Hotel SPA Casino

Acapulco Resort Convention SPA Hotel

Cratos Premium Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions about Fitness Centers in Northern Cyprus

How much does a membership or single session cost?

Prices for everything on the island are constantly changing, and to avoid providing you with incorrect information, we have decided to provide you with the maximum number of contacts for each location.

Can I use spa services at the fitness center in hotels?

Yes, usually it is a shared area. However, the cost will include access to the hammam and sauna, while additional fees may apply for procedures and massages.

In the largest Telegram forum in Northern Cyprus, there is a section called "Sport", where you can always find like-minded individuals, seek advice on health-related topics, and discuss everything related to sports.

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