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Where to buy fishing tackle in North Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Fishing tackle in Northern Cyprus can be purchased at specialized fishing stores, which are represented in major cities: Nicosia, Girne, Famagusta, Guzelyurt, and others.

The choice of gear is quite wide and is mainly adapted for sea fishing. On sale, there are specialized fishing clothes, float rods, spinning rods, reels, fishing lines, weights of different weights, floats, artificial lures (for example, wobblers), or special devices for catching squid - “squids”.

In stores, you can find goods from well-known Japanese brands such as Shimano or Daiwa, as well as goods from European or Chinese manufacturers.

As for prices, the minimum set of rods and reels will cost about 1500 TL. Popular fishing shops are listed below.


Gözde Av Pazarı

Sega Marine Store

Kılınçlı av store

Blue Hunter

Full Fish Cyprus


Lodos Balık Av Pazarı

Ekrem Av Mağazası

Sega Marine Store


King Fishing and Hunting


Sega Marine Store

Ghost Fishing Lures

Baragadi Balıkçılık

Öz Marine Deniz Ürünleri


Sega Marine Store


Sega Marine Store

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