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Where to play tennis in North Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

For lovers of this game, we set out in search of courts in Northern Cyprus, where you can bring your own equipment or rent it and learn to play tennis.

Public Tennis Courts in Northern Cyprus

  • Korineum Golf & Resort
  • Şehir Kulübü Lefkoşa
  • Gönyeli Tenis Kulübü
  • Girne Tennis Academy
  • Girne Belediyesi Tenis Kulubu
  • Benter Tenis Kulubu
  • Kompleksi Tennis court
  • Royal Sun Tennis Court
  • Caesar Resort

теннисный корт Северный Кипр

Korineum Golf & Resort

Perhaps the most interesting place for training. 4 high-quality courts with lighting and views of the mountains and the sea, next to the golf course. The tennis area has a shower and a bar.

Both rental without membership and membership options are available. Additionally, you can rent equipment, ball machines, and take lessons from professional tennis player Nick Grant.

Şehir Kulübü Lefkoşa

The oldest classic tennis club in Northern Cyprus, located in the capital. 7 courts are complemented by a fitness room and a squash court. You can play by becoming a member, but if you want to play occasionally, it will be easy to find an opponent.

Gönyeli Tenis Kulübü

The club is located in the suburb of Nicosia and has four tennis courts with lighting. Coaching services are available.

Girne Tennis Academy

A club in Girne, closer to Alsancak. Three tennis courts with lighting are available for tennis players with their own equipment. You can rent and play on your own or by prior arrangement, take advantage of instructor services.

Girne Belediyesi Tenis Kulubu

The municipal sports center in Girne has 4 outdoor tennis courts and is located almost in the city center.

Benter Tenis Kulubu

Simply three tennis courts without any accompanying infrastructure and located quite far from the populated areas of the capital district. Two of the courts have lighting.

Kompleksi Tennis court

Just two tennis courts in Famagusta without any amenities other than the playing area itself.

Royal Sun Tennis Court

In the popular residential complex in Iskele, there is also a tennis court intended for residents, but it can be booked through the administration.

Caesar Resort

The same situation with a tennis court in the residential complex Caesar Resort, you can also come and play there.

Теннис Северный Кипр

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hotels with tennis courts?

Usually, if you are not a resident, there are no tennis courts available. An exception is Korineum Golf & Resort (see above). But if you love tennis, we can suggest staying at the following hotels that have tennis courts:

  • Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Casino & SPA
  • Riverside Garden Resort
  • The Olive Tree Hotel
  • Merit Park Hotel Casino & SPA
  • Carrington Holidays
  • Merit Royal Premium Hotel Casino & SPA
  • Elexus Hotel Resort & Spa & Casino
  • Olivia Palm Hotel
  • The Ship Inn Hotel
  • Acapulco Resort Hotel
  • Riverside Garden Resort
  • Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino

Where can I take tennis lessons?

Some of the listed tennis courts offer instructor services, see the descriptions above. You can also find tennis instructors on the largest Russian-speaking forum in Telegram in the "Sport" and "Services" sections.

Where can I find an opponent to play tennis with?

You can find a partner to play with in advance on the Telegram forum, it is best to ask in the "Sport" section.

Tennis is quite a popular activity in Northern Cyprus, and besides finding an opponent who matches your skill level, you can also participate in tournaments, information about which can be easily found in the same Telegram sports chat.

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