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Where to find premium alcohol in Iskele?

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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For fans of various alcoholic beverages in Iskele, a new store with a huge selection of drinks has opened - from "popular" to elite.

элитный алкоголь Искеле

The store is called CSKN OFFLiCENCE, and it does have a number of advantages over similar points.

Here you can find a truly impressive selection of alcohol from almost any corner of the world - you can buy something popular on the island as well as truly exclusive drinks.

The store is open late into the night, so if your party suddenly runs out of drinks - you know where to go.

You don't even have to go - because CSKN OFFLiCENCE offers delivery. You can order alcohol, cigarettes, and any other products from the store, including at night.

In addition to alcohol and cigarettes, the CSKN OFFLiCENCE market offers non-alcoholic beverages and various delicacies to accompany the drink you purchased.

Магазин элитного алкоголя Coşkun (Coşkun elite alcohol store)
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