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Kitesurfing in North Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Many of the beaches in Northern Cyprus have steady winds blowing from the sea - these are ideal conditions for kitesurfing. We are talking about places where you can learn to catch the wind and jump on the waves, and also, if you already know how, rent a kite and other necessary equipment.

If you are an experienced kiter, then along the north coast you can ride almost anywhere - you have more than 200 windy days a year at your disposal. The main thing is that there is an approach to the water and the beach is not public.

Aphrodite Kite Club

Located within the Aphrodite Beachfront Resort complex. Steady and often quite strong winds create favorable conditions for classes, the local surf club gives lessons and rents equipment.

Heaven Surfhouse

The Yedidalga Public Beach Club near the popular Swan of Soli fish restaurant offers kite rentals and instruction. In addition, the kite club has its own campsite, equipment repair service, yoga class and stand-up board rental.

Kite-school in Iskele

On the East Coast, you can take lessons or rent equipment from the kite school at Deep Dive Dive Centre. They offer a full course from theory to practice with skills in both directions. Keep in mind that the wind is often not as strong as in the first two locations.

Rent and sale of kites

North Coast Kitesurfing Club in Girne

Kites and Bananas in Nicosia

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