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Newly discovered attractions in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

From mid-July 2023, residents and tourists in Northern Cyprus have the opportunity to visit previously closed public attractions in Famagusta. Until now, these facilities, although they have been restored, were run by the military. Briefly tell you what you can see now.

Bastion Martinengo

It’s part of the Famagusta fortification system along with the city walls, the Ravelin bastion, and the Othello castle. However, it doesn't have a gate, the thickness of the walls reaches six meters, and at the base, there is a rock to prevent digging - a real impregnable stronghold! In addition, the bastion is built on the highest point of the old city, so you can enjoy excellent panoramic views of Famagusta.

Armenian Church Ganchvor

The monastery, located under the protection of the walls of the bastion, was built in 1364 by Armenian refugees from the historical region of Cilicia (today located in Turkey). The architecture of the temple differs significantly from other buildings in Famagusta.

Carmelite Church

The full name is the Church of the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. It’s located next to the Ganchvor Monastery and was built in the same century, but it has survived much worse. Despite this, it’s also interesting to look at it and compare the architecture of both temples.

All three buildings are open to visitors daily from 9:00 to 17:00

Бастион Мартиненго и церкви (Martinengo Bastion and churches)
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