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Beaches of Karsiyaka

Updated: 2 months ago

Karsiyaka is a remote area to the east of Girne which is preferred by lovers of a relaxing holiday. There are places where you can relax on the sea coast.

Guzelyali / Vasiliya beach (Güzelyalı sahili)

This is the main and longest beach of Karsiyaka or in the Greek manner - Vasily. Located in the center of the area, in the busiest part. There is everything that a large municipal beach should have: sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, toilets, cafes.

Balina beach (Balina sahili)

A small beach in a cozy bay, with sun loungers, awnings, a playground and a cafe. It belongs to the social institution Balina Sosyal Tesisleri, and it is engaged in the development of infrastructure.

Sardine Beach (Sardunya Bay)

On the border with Lapta, there is a very interesting and pleasant beach. A gentle entrance to the sea, next to a hill there is a cafe with live music, in the season its employees put out sun loungers. From the beach, an equipped path begins along the sea towards the Lapta region.

Beach near Apo'nun Yeri cafe

A wild beach in a picturesque bay near a small fish restaurant with a rich selection of seafood. In the season there are sun loungers for rent but not always. On the cape there is an excellent observation deck.

Beach near Fragata restaurant

It’s located in the easternmost part of Karsiyaka, not far from the popular Fragata restaurant. There is a backwater with boats and a bay suitable for swimming.

Пляж Гюзельяли / Василия (Güzeliali Beach / Vasilia Beach)
Пляж Балина (Balina Beach)
Сардиновый пляж (Sardine Beach)
Пляж у кафе Apo'nun Yeri (Beach at Apo'nun Yeri Café)
Пляж у ресторана Fragata (Beach at the restaurant Fragata)
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