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Toilets in the Girne harbour area

Updated: 2 months ago

The main point of attraction of Girne or Kyrenia is the harbor near the castle. You can walk around it for quite a long time and the issue of toilets can be quite acute. Here are the points you will need:

Toilet at the mosque. It is located to the left (female) and to the right (male) of the stairs. Entrance 3 lira, you just need to lower it into the box, no one checks. You can make a deposit of 10 liras with a clear conscience and use it regularly. In addition, the path from the parking lot to the embankment passes by the mosque. Coordinates.

Toilet at the beginning of the spit. From the sea side, the harbor is surrounded by a picturesque mall with a view of the castle. At the very beginning in the basement there is a toilet, the cost is 5 lire. Coordinates.

Toilet on the waterfront with restaurants. Free, belongs to several cafes in the area, but with a separate entrance from the street. The embankment is closed during repairs. Coordinates.

Toilets in a cafe. You can just use the bathroom of any cafe. Cypriots normally look at this.

Toilet in the castle. Of course, there is a restroom on the territory of the castle. But the purchased ticket doesn’t entitle you to free access to the bathroom. You have to pay 10 lire. Coordinates.

Туалет у мечети (Toilet at the mosque)
Туалет в начале косы (The toilet at the beginning of the braid)
Туалет на набережной с ресторанами (Toilet on the seafront with restaurants)
Туалет в Киренийском замке (Toilet in Kyrenia Castle)
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