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Celebrating the New Year in Northern Cyprus: Restaurants with Show Programs

Updated: 4 months ago

While you can celebrate the New Year at home, going to a restaurant with a show program is also an excellent idea!

рестораны новый год северный кипр

Restaurants with New Year's Dinner in Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia and Nearby


This restaurant with Uzbek roots offers a New Year's program featuring an exclusive menu, designer decorations, live music from a cover band with a host and DJ, as well as a show with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Asia Mix Alsancak

On New Year's, they promise congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, as well as two types of set menus, including items such as Olivier, Herring under a Fur Coat, Caesar salad with shrimp, grilled dorado, quail, various kebabs, and many other dishes.


The restaurant expects a show with hosts and DJs, the presence of Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, and a New Year's table with blini, red caviar, and champagne.

Chamada Restaurant

The restaurant invites you to a magnificent New Year's night with live music and delicious food. The cost of the non-alcoholic set is 2250 lira.


Pera Mackenzie

In this club on New Year's night, a show program is expected with live music by Nefiye Dilbay, Niyal Öztürk with the band, as well as the duo Ozmo. After the main program, a violin show and DJ performance await you.

Oktoberfest Restaurant

To the musicians' performances and gifts, the organizers have added included transportation from Caesar Resort to the ticket (2000 lira). And, of course, a New Year's menu with Olivier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Celebrating the New Year in Northern Cyprus

Can you celebrate the New Year at the casino?

Yes, casinos are open. Moreover, some gambling establishments offer a special show program on New Year's night. We talked about such places in the material about casinos in Northern Cyprus for celebrating the New Year.

Where to buy goods for celebrating the New Year?

Even if you want to go out to celebrate the holiday at a restaurant or casino, decorating your home for the New Year won't hurt. You can buy the necessary items for this purpose at several stores in Northern Cyprus, which we talked about in this article.

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