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St Hilarion Castle: what to see, how to get there, entrance fee

Updated: 2 months ago

Saint Hilarion Castle is one of the three largest in Northern Cyprus and the best preserved. That is why, and also because of the accessibility of travel and the availability of infrastructure, it's the most visited.

It's named after the hermit Hilarion, who lived in seclusion in this place. Then the Byzantines significantly strengthened the building, after which not a single siege could take the castle-monastery.

The fortress is located on the Kyrenia Range with stunning views of Girne and the northern coast in general. The area where you can walk and explore the ancient buildings is quite large; lay half a day for this attraction. Be sure to climb to the very top, where the remains of the royal chambers and observation towers are located.

How to get there

You can drive up to the very entrance, at which there is a parking lot and a small cafe. It's most convenient to drive from Nicosia - from the highway in Girne exit to the left, then a lot of signs will not let you get lost. See the location on the map below.

Entrance cost

Ticket offices are located after entering the first gate to the right.

  • Adult ticket: 50TL
  • Reduced ticket: 20TL
Замок святого Иллариона (St Hilarion's Castle)
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