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Rain and Thunderstorms Expected in Northern Cyprus on July 10

10.07.2024 / 09:32

According to the TRNC Department of Meteorology, on Wednesday, July 10, the region will be affected by low pressure and cool, moist air in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Meteorologists predict cloudy weather with showers and thunderstorms.

Air temperatures remain 2-3°C above the seasonal average. The hottest weather today is expected in Nicosia and Ercan, reaching up to 39°C, while the "coolest" will be in Lapta, around 31°C. The wind will be southwesterly, of moderate strength. No storms are anticipated today.

Two meteorological warnings are in effect in Northern Cyprus: the risk of wildfires and the level of ultraviolet radiation remain very high.

One should not stay in the sun for more than 10 minutes, especially between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM, without taking necessary precautions.

Weather for July 10 by Regions:

  • Northern Coast: Kyrenia – 34°C, Lapta – 31°C, Akdeniz – 36°C, Alevkaya – 36°C, Esentepe – 34°C
  • Western Coast: Lefke – 37°C, Güzelyurt – 37°C
  • Central Part: Nicosia – 39°C, Ercan – 38°C
  • Eastern Coast: Famagusta – 34°C, İskele – 37°C
  • Karpas: Yenierenköy – 35°C
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