Cyprus, Nicosia

The administration of Cypriot endowments condemned the attack on the Albanian mosque in Limassol

16.05.2024 / 08:38

The Cypriot endowments administration (Evkaf) has condemned the recent attack on the Albanian mosque in Limassol. Unknown vandals defaced the religious structure with various inscriptions.

In a written statement, the Endowments Fund reported that the mosque and the walls of the adjacent garden were damaged by inscriptions as a result of the attack.

Evkaf also expressed concern about the increasing number of attacks on Muslim places of worship in the Republic of Cyprus in recent years.

"We respect everyone without discrimination based on language, religion, or race, and we protect all religious artifacts in all our work," the statement said.

The administration of Cypriot endowments also expressed a wish for "frequent provocative attacks to cease as soon as possible and for those involved in the incident to be promptly identified by the relevant authorities."

The exact timing of the act of vandalism is not specified in the report.

The Albanian mosque in Limassol is situated at the corner of Masjid and Yıldız streets. It is believed to have been constructed on the site of an old mosque in 1900. On February 13, 1967, the Limassol Martyrs Monument was erected here.