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A Member of the Parliament of the TRNC: One in Three Students in the Country Is Undocumented

27.03.2024 / 13:50

During a session of the Council of Ministers, Sami Ozuşlu, a parliamentarian from the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), stated that every third student in Northern Cyprus is either residing in the country illegally or their whereabouts are unknown. He mentioned that the number of unregistered students now exceeds that of undocumented workers.

Ozuşlu referred to data obtained from relevant authorities during his address. According to him, unregistered students make up 32 percent of the total student population in Northern Cyprus.

"Every third student is either undocumented or their whereabouts are unknown," Ozuşlu declared.

He also highlighted that approximately 73,000 people have come to the country for employment purposes. Of these, around 61,000 were insured, while the remaining 12,000 are considered either undocumented workers or missing persons. Therefore, the number of undocumented labor migrants in the country amounts to about 19 percent.

The deputy also addressed the issue of the rising cost of education in the country.

"Who will have access to education as a result of this increase?" the deputy questioned, pointing out the inadequacy of state schools in the country due to a lack of accurate population data.

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