Cyprus, Nicosia

Dojo Digital Space: a premium coworking space opens in the center of Kyrenia

19.03.2024 / 16:03

A new coworking space has opened in the center of Kyrenia. Dojo Digital Space positions itself as a premium-class workspace.

The new premium coworking space is located in a modern high-rise building in the central part of Girne, near the roundabout at the entrance from the highway to Nicosia, which is very convenient for quick exits from the city and offers an excellent view from the window.

One of the key features of the new remote workspace is the limited number of visitors. Clients won't have to search for available space and can sit in close proximity to other guests.

Another advantageous feature is the convenient working hours: from 9 am to 8 pm. It is noted that individual arrangements are also possible in this matter.

The coworking space is also equipped with high-speed internet up to 200 Mbps.

There is also a comfortable meeting room here - a room where you can meet with clients or guests in a calm and private atmosphere.

For those clients who use visual content in their work, a separate room for live broadcasts is provided, which can also be used as a photo session area.

A private office is separately designed for those who require complete isolation for work focus.

The coworking space has all the necessary office equipment: Wi-Fi printer and multiple charging points for gadgets, as well as a separate area with coffee, tea, and snacks.

  • Since Dojo Digital Space is part of a marketing agency, you can participate in various initiatives beneficial for both your business and personal growth, - the project organizers said.

In particular, there is a Financial Literacy School with invited experts and a Women Entrepreneurs Club - a closed club for established business ladies who would like to develop in their field and learn from colleagues' experiences.

For the convenience of visitors, Dojo Digital Space offers several flexible tariff plans - basic, standard, and premium.

Options for daily visits, as well as weekly and monthly subscriptions, are available. The cost of a single visit is 25 euros per day. The basic weekly tariff will cost 120 euros, and for a month - 250 euros.