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First Rehabilitated Turtles Released in 2024 from the Rehabilitation Center

21.01.2024 / 15:25

Three sea turtles, whose treatment was completed at the Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center, have been returned to their natural habitat in the first days of the new year. This became possible due to global warming.

The manager of the center's social responsibility projects noted that despite the winter months, they were able to release the recovered sea turtles into the sea because the sea water temperature was above seasonal norms.

"The primary reason for the temperature difference, which has reached an alarming level in recent years, is global warming. Global warming is a climate change defined as the increase in average temperatures worldwide, which can alter the ecosystem, affecting the natural life processes of all marine creatures, including turtles," emphasized the rehabilitation center.

Green sea turtles named Tontik (approximately 5–8 years old), Omer (8–10 years old), and Jeyl (40–45 years old) were found in Karaoglanoglu, Edidarge, and Boaz. After completing their treatment at the rehabilitation center, they reunited with the sea.

It is also noted that Jeyl and Omer were brought to the center due to drowning, while Tontik was treated for a shrapnel wound.

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