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Kyrenia Bazaar to Be Rid of Betting Shops by 2025

10.07.2024 / 13:35

The Kyrenia Municipal Council has made several important decisions regarding business operations on the city's main streets. By 2025, the authorities aim to eliminate betting shops.

As Kyrenia Mayor Murat Şenkul mentioned on his social media page, the decisions made yesterday "marked the beginning of a new era in terms of planning in the country."

According to the city's decision, no new business permits will be issued in the central part of Kyrenia, except for existing licenses on Ziya Rızkı Street and Atatürk Street in the Kyrenia Bazaar. The authorities will soon determine the upper limit on the number of operating companies. New permits will only be issued if the number of businesses falls below this limit.

On Kanbulat Street in the Kyrenia Bazaar, no new business permits will be issued except for existing mobile phone and accessories shops. An upper limit will also be set here, and new licenses will be issued only if the number of companies falls below the established threshold.

Additionally, according to the mayor, no new permits for opening betting shops will be issued in the Kyrenia Bazaar. The existing two betting shops will be allowed to operate with permits from our municipality only until July 9, 2025.

"Thus, in a year, there will be no betting shops in the bazaar," stated the mayor.

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