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UN Secretary-General's Personal Envoy on Cyprus to Present Report Today

10.07.2024 / 12:04

Maria Angela Holguín Cuellar, the UN Secretary-General's personal envoy to Cyprus, will present her report on the situation on the island to António Guterres today. The Colombian diplomat will update Guterres on her efforts to find common ground between the two communities.

As her term is nearing its end, her report will focus on the prospects of resuming negotiations to resolve the Cyprus issue and whether there is sufficient common ground between the two sides and their leaders.

Following the envoy's report, António Guterres will decide on the next steps and actions for the UN regarding the Cyprus issue.

The report to the UN Secretary-General will be submitted a few days after the envoy wrote an open letter urging the interested parties in Cyprus to “think differently” to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

According to the envoy, her time in this position has been “focused on the constant search for ways to build trust between the parties.” She emphasized the importance of moving away from solutions that in the past created unmet expectations, leading to greater disagreements and disappointments.

“Now we must think differently, remaining convinced that a common future will bring great opportunities to all Cypriots,” the diplomat noted.

In her letter, she also emphasized that her commitments would not end after presenting the report and that she “will continue to think about options for a long-term solution.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres appointed Maria Angela Holguín Cuellar from Colombia as his personal envoy for Cyprus at the beginning of January. Her term was initially set for six months. During this time, the diplomat was tasked with finding common ground for resuming negotiations between the two communities on the Cyprus issue.

Over the past six months, the diplomat visited the island several times, meeting with both community leaders and representatives of NGOs, businesses, and civil society.

The last meeting with the leaders of the two communities took place last week off the island, specifically, the audience with the head of the TRNC, Ersin Tatar, was held in London.

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