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Maximum Sentence for Fatal Traffic Accidents in Northern Cyprus Doubled

10.07.2024 / 10:30

The maximum imprisonment term for fatal traffic accidents in Northern Cyprus has been doubled. Amendments to the penal code were unanimously adopted yesterday by the General Assembly of Parliament.

According to the new amendments, the court's authority to impose imprisonment for fatal traffic accidents has been expanded, and the upper limit has been increased from 7 to 14 years.

Additionally, the authority to confiscate or revoke a driver's license has been expanded. These sanctions can now be applied regardless of the country in which the documents were issued, including student driver's licenses.

The rule that a driver involved in a traffic accident must be brought to court within five days has been changed to five working days, due to difficulties in implementing this rule in cases such as the driver fleeing or being in the hospital.

According to the majority of deputies, this change is necessary due to the recent increase in the number of fatal accidents.

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