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The Minister of Education received the TRNC Girl Scouts Association

23.02.2024 / 20:24

According to information provided by the Ministry of National Education, representatives of the TRNC Girl Scouts Association visited the Minister of National Education, Nazim Chavushoglu, on the occasion of Scout Thinking Day on February 22.

During the meeting, the minister noted that scouting contributes to the development of young people's character, the acquisition of leadership qualities, and the increase of their sensitivity to society.

"By combining scouting activities within the ministry and the Association, we aim for generations to develop in a healthy manner, with developed mental and physical skills, and to uphold human values at the highest level," said Nazim Chavushoglu.

The President of the Association of Girl Scouts Organizations, Esen Bahadir, reminded that February 22 is World Scout Thinking Day - an important day that reminds us of values such as respect, love, kindness, gratitude, friendship, and loyalty.

"It is very important for us to educate every person. As an association, we work on developing the social, physical, and life skills of our children and support their academic achievements," emphasized the Girl Scouts leader.

During the reception, Esen Bahadir presented Nazim Chavushoglu with a book entitled "Scout Leader's Compass," prepared by the association and containing basic information about scouting.

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