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In Northern Cyprus on May 21, hot and dusty weather persists with no precipitation

21.05.2024 / 09:52

According to the Department of Meteorology of the TRNC, on Tuesday, May 21, the region is experiencing low pressure and hot, humid air. Meteorologists forecast cloudy weather with no precipitation.

The air temperature will rise 3-5 degrees above the climatic norm. In most areas, it will range from 28 to 33°C. The wind is northwesterly, of moderate strength. Storms are not expected today.

Three meteorological warnings are in effect in Northern Cyprus. The region continues to face a high risk of wildfires and a moderate level of ultraviolet radiation.

It is advisable not to stay in the sun for more than 20 minutes, especially from 11:00 to 16:00, without taking necessary precautions.

Additionally, there is dust in the atmosphere, which will persist until the end of the week.

Weather on May 21 by regions:

Northern Coast: Kyrenia – 28°C, Lapta – 26°C, Akdeniz - 30°C, Alevkaya - 30°C, Esentepe - 29°C.

Western Coast: Lefke – 32°C, Güzelyurt – 33°C.

Central Part: Nicosia – 35°C, Ercan – 33°C.

Eastern Coast: Famagusta – 28°C, Iskele – 30°C.

Karpas: Yenierenköy – 29°C.

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