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Work has begun in Northern Cyprus to clarify the status of foreign students

28.02.2024 / 12:52

The Committee for Supervision of Higher Education and Research under the Prime Minister of the TRNC has decided to establish a registration system for students arriving in Northern Cyprus for study, from the moment of their arrival on the island until the day of their departure.

The student registration system will be implemented in such a way that information about it is disseminated to all stakeholders.

The Committee for Supervision and Research of Higher Education under the Prime Minister held its second meeting. Representatives of all relevant ministries were present at the meeting: the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Police, the Council for Planning, Supervision, Accreditation, and Coordination of Higher Education (YÖDAK), as well as leading educational institutions in the country.

During the meeting, the Committee, which is working to ensure the implementation of legal norms by addressing problems arising in the field of education, announced the start of work to clarify the status of foreign students and to adopt necessary regulations.

Furthermore, research has begun on how to carry out the necessary work to ensure the proper functioning of control mechanisms under the management of YÖDAK.

Consensus was reached on the development of a system that prevents abuse, in which all universities will participate in close cooperation with immigration police units.

It was also decided to create a student registration system for those coming for study, from the moment of their arrival on the island, and to share this record with all stakeholders until the day of their departure.

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