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Decision Made Regarding Kurban Bayram in Northern Cyprus

12.06.2024 / 11:05

Authorities in the TRNC have reached a decision regarding the upcoming holiday of Kurban Bayram. Unlike in the Turkish Republic, there will be no extension of the weekend in Northern Cyprus.

As reported by the newspaper “Yenidüzen,” the TRNC government has decided to limit the holiday to five days. Thus, the celebration of Kurban Bayram will begin on Saturday, June 15, and end on the 19th.

According to information from the publication, the Ministry of Finance presented a report to the Council of Ministers, stating that if Thursday and Friday are declared official holidays, financial problems will arise due to overtime work.

Recall that it was previously announced that the Turkish Republic has extended the holiday period to 9 days. The country's authorities added Thursday and Friday to the weekend before the start of the celebration. With the inclusion of the weekend, the holiday will last for 9 days in Turkey.

It is worth noting that previously, the authorities of the TRNC extended the weekend in honor of religious holidays, following Turkey's lead. This was also the case during this year's Eid al-Fitr.

Earlier reports also indicated that during the holiday period, 878 planes will be serviced at Ercan Airport.

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