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Missing Dog Rescued in Open Sea off Northern Cyprus

17.06.2024 / 20:06

A missing dog was rescued in the open sea off Northern Cyprus. The poor animal's owners, who had been searching for their pet for several days, thought it had drowned.

A video of the dog's rescue in the open sea appeared online. The animal was found off the coast of Northern Cyprus by Turkish Cypriot Halil Kucuk, who recorded footage of the rescued dog.

In the video, the wet dog can be seen running around the deck of the fishing boat and looking gratefully at its rescuer.

According to Kucuk, the dog was found far from shore: the land was not visible even on the horizon. It seems the animal could have spent quite some time in the sea. How the missing pet ended up in the middle of the sea remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, the "Golden Paws" animal protection association stated in a social media post that the dog's owner had been found. The owner, Cansel Adier Karatach, had been searching for the missing pet for several days. After the miraculous rescue, the dog was reunited with its owner.

The dog's owner, Cansel Karatach, thanked Halil Kucuk for saving his pet. According to him, the dog went missing several days ago during a fishing trip. Efforts to find the animal were unsuccessful, and the owner was convinced that his beloved pet had drowned.

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