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The reason for the yellow patches in the sea off the coast of Iskele and Kyrenia has been identified

03.04.2024 / 12:47

Scientists have identified the cause of water pollution in the sea off the coast of Iskele and Kyrenia. Yellow streaks were observed along the shores of the TRNC.

The Department of Environmental Protection at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth, and Environment made a statement regarding the discovery of yellow patches and streaks. Immediately after the report of the presumed environmental disaster, water samples were taken for analysis. No synthetic dyes or chemicals were found in the samples of seawater.

According to the analysis results, the yellow deposits visible on the surface of the sea off the coasts of Iskele and Kyrenia consist of pine pollen.

In a statement based on the report of the Eastern Mediterranean University's Center for Underwater Research and Visualization, it is noted that "microscopic analysis revealed that the samples contain a high concentration of pine pollen."

Burak Ali Chichek, President of the EMU Center for Underwater Research, noted in his report that the phenomenon, which caused concern among the public and is presumed to be pollution, was the result of windborne transport of pine pollen into the sea.

It is reported that the final microbiological analysis of the deposits will be completed within 48 hours.

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