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Temperature Remains 2-3°C Above Normal: Weather in TRNC on July 9

09.07.2024 / 11:15

According to the TRNC Department of Meteorology, on Tuesday, July 9, the region continues to experience low pressure and hot, humid air. Forecasters predict clear weather with occasional clouds.

Temperatures will rise 2-3°C above the seasonal norm. The hottest weather is expected in Nicosia and Güzelyurt, with temperatures reaching up to 40°C, while the coolest areas will be Lapta and Famagusta, around 33-34°C.

The wind will be southwesterly and moderate. No storms are expected today.

There are two warnings from meteorologists in Northern Cyprus. The risk of natural fires and the level of ultraviolet radiation remain very high.

It is advised not to stay in the sun for more than 10 minutes, especially from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, without taking necessary precautions.

Weather for July 9 by Region:

Northern Coast:

  • Kyrenia – 35°C
  • Lapta – 33°C
  • Akdeniz – 37°C
  • Alevkaya – 34°C
  • Esentepe – 36°C

Western Coast:

  • Lefka – 39°C
  • Güzelyurt – 40°C

Central Area:

  • Nicosia – 40°C
  • Ercan – 39°C

Eastern Coast:

  • Famagusta – 34°C
  • Iskele – 38°C


  • Yenierenköy – 36°C
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