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Seminar on the History of Famagusta Scheduled

25.05.2024 / 13:47

A seminar delving into the history of Famagusta is set to take place in the city. The event is scheduled for this Saturday at the Bandabulya Market.

Organized in collaboration with the "Friends of Nature, Social Existence" association, the seminar aims to shed light on various aspects of Famagusta's rich history.

Dr. Ulus Irkad will lead the seminar, using captivating photographs to explore different periods spanning the 800-year history of Famagusta. Attendees can expect an engaging presentation that highlights key milestones and significant events that have shaped the city's identity over the centuries.

Additionally, Dr. Irkad will share anecdotes and insights from notable residents of Famagusta who have left their mark in various fields such as art, politics, music, and business.

The seminar offers an excellent opportunity for both locals and visitors to gain a deeper understanding of Famagusta's cultural heritage and historical significance.

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