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In Iskele, the police department has been reinforced

08.02.2024 / 16:53

The police department in the municipality of Iskele has been strengthened. The number of police officers has been increased to seven.

According to a statement from the Iskele municipality, an environmental engineer has been included in the Department of Environment and Health, which was created within the Police Department.

It is noted that the unit was reinforced to improve the quality of service to the population due to the rapid development of the city.

"The Iskele municipality police department has taken serious precautions to comply with laws and regulations during its inspections, while the environmental and health department of the unit continues its activities, focusing on public health," the statement said.

It is also noted that the municipality continues its active work in Iskele and 21 other villages within its jurisdiction.

Requests and complaints can be directed to the Police Department and the Department of Environment and Health at any time. Chief of Police Bilal Derichoglu can be reached at the Alo Zabıta phone number 0548 810 11 16, and staff of the environmental and health protection department can be contacted at the Alo Environment and Health phone number 0548 810 11 01.

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