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In Nicosia, vacant lands will be cleaned up, and owners will be billed

17.03.2024 / 12:53

The Turkish Nicosia Municipality (LTB) will begin cleaning up vacant plots and lands that have not been cleared by owners as of March 15.

After the cleaning is completed, owners of such areas will be billed. Cleaning on vacant plots will start on March 15.

During the summer, garbage on these lands creates a fire hazard situation, as well as leads to the proliferation of flies, insects, and snakes. Additionally, the municipality will conduct a cleanup on the main streets of the city to restore the capital to its proper appearance before the summer season begins.

At the same time, the LTB cleaning department urges owners of private property with vacant land to clean the area themselves by March 15. Otherwise, after the cleaning is completed by the municipality, they will be billed according to a decision made by the municipal council.

Citizens can also contact the LTB cleaning department at 22 85221 for questions related to land or area cleaning.

Regional cleaning works, which began in Haspolat and Metehan, will be carried out twice a year in each region in 2024. Additionally, cleanups will be conducted at cemeteries located within municipal boundaries.

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