Cyprus, Nicosia

In Old Nicosia, Several Historic Sites Have Been Restored

16.05.2024 / 08:31

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) has completed restoration work on the exteriors of several historic houses in the Nicosia fortress area.

In a statement, TIKA provided information about the restoration efforts undertaken in this richly historic and culturally significant old city district. Specifically, repairs to roofs and improvements to the exteriors of historic houses on the street where the Alparslan Türkeş House-Museum and the Luzinyanov House-Museum are located have been carried out. These museums had previously been restored by the agency.

Additionally, modern lighting systems have been installed in the New Mosque of Nicosia and along the streets of the region. It is noted that with the completion of all these works, the walled area has become more attractive to tourists and contributes to the preservation of Nicosia's historical and cultural heritage.