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In Tepebashi, a huge ancient pine tree was cut down

10.05.2024 / 19:02

In the village of Tepebashi in Northern Cyprus, a massive ancient pine tree was felled. The relic tree was destroyed with the permission of the Department of Forestry.

The incident was reported on social media by the former president of the Association of Biologists, Hasan Sarpten.

According to the biologist, the pine tree on the roadside in Tepebashi was cut down with the approval of the Department of Forestry on the grounds that the tree supposedly interfered with power lines. The Electricity Supply Authority requested the removal of the tree.

"In broad daylight at the foot of the roadside tulip sculpture in Tepebashi, a huge pine tree was cut down. It's that simple. As long as there are such mindsets in the country, we will organize more campaigns for tree planting," wrote the scientist.

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