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The authorities of the TRNC have canceled the decision to open the forest lands of Iskele for investments

20.03.2024 / 13:08

The Council of Ministers of the TRNC has repealed the decision to expropriate forest lands in the Iskele area and open them for investments. The document has been published in the "Official Gazette" and has come into force.

Environmentalists have already reacted to the cancellation of this decision. President of the "Green World" Movement (YBH), Ferih Tel, made a corresponding statement on social media, calling the resolution a success.

  • The forests are saved, the coasts are saved, and public interests are preserved. Of course, the fight for the forests continues. They were giving away public property to others, continue to do so, and obviously will continue to do so. We will continue to fight with all our might," the activist wrote.

He also reminded that the decision of the Council of Ministers to allocate forest lands in Iskele for investments was made on November 14, 2022. The "Green World" Movement appealed the decision through the court.

  • The Council of Ministers must have realized that we were very close to victory in this case, in which even the Prosecutor General did not defend them, so they resorted to canceling their own decisions," Ferih Tel believes.
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