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Over the past week, the damage from fires in Northern Cyprus exceeded 4 million Turkish lira

11.06.2024 / 11:57

In the last week in Northern Cyprus, there were 43 fires and 31 incidents requiring intervention by rescuers. The total amount of damage caused by the fires amounted to 4,563,750 Turkish lira.

According to the fire department's statement, the main causes of the fires were short circuits, unextinguished cigarette butts, burning oil left in a pot on the stove, fuel leakage in a vehicle, as well as arson and welding work.

It was established that a fire spreading to a landfill was caused by sparks falling from an electrical transformer and wires, as well as a heated and ignited hay baling machine.

Recall that due to the established abnormally hot weather in the country last week, several large forest fires occurred in TRNC. The most serious incidents happened near the Injirli Cave, as well as between the villages of Tatlısu and Mersinlik.

In addition to the fires themselves, firefighters were called upon to rescue a pigeon trapped in a rope on the roof of a house, dogs stuck between truck tires, and those who fell into a well, as well as to help rescue a person trapped in a car due to a traffic accident.

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