Cyprus, Nicosia

26 Fires Reported in Northern Cyprus in the First Week of July

09.07.2024 / 21:06

Northern Cyprus experienced 26 fires and 14 incidents requiring rescue intervention during the first week of July, resulting in over 2.2 million Turkish Lira in damages.

The causes of these fires, which occurred between July 1 and July 7, include short circuits, arson, burning oil in a deep fryer, electrical panel overloads, unextinguished cigarette butts, electrical wires contacting each other, sparks from welding equipment, and overheated car brakes.

The total estimated damage from the fires is 2,212,180 Turkish Lira.

Firefighters also responded to various rescue calls, including freeing people trapped in an elevator, rescuing a dog stuck in a well, conducting fire prevention activities, and transporting deceased individuals to the hospital for forensic examinations.

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