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A resident of Dikmen will pay 18,103 Turkish liras for environmental pollution

23.01.2024 / 13:58

The Municipality of Dikmen imposed a fine of over 18,000 Turkish liras on an individual who caused environmental pollution by dumping waste on vacant land.

After it was determined that the person was disposing of construction waste on an empty plot of land near the picnic area in the vicinity of Boaz within the boundaries of the Municipality of Dikmen, the police fined him 18,103 Turkish liras.

In addition, the trash heaps were cleared and taken to the landfill for disposal. Authorities stated that checks regarding illegal dumping of waste in the region will continue.

Recall that earlier, the Municipality of Çatalköy-Esentepe announced that it would take legal action against individuals who dump construction waste along the roads.

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