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Turkish language courses in North Cyprus

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Turkish language courses in North Cyprus

Being in the northern part of Cyprus, you will find the Turkish language useful in everyday life.

In the tourism sector, you can easily communicate in English and even sometimes in Russian, but if you are going to live here for a long time, then in everyday matters you will definitely need Turkish. Even if the Turkish interlocutor understands English, simple greeting phrases can win over the person.


турецкий язык на северном кипре

University courses

Of course, this is the most effective option, but it's worth noting that first you will need knowledge of English - it's in it, as an international language, that Turkish is taught.

Here are some universities and specialized schools that teach Turkish as a foreign language (follow the links for details pages).

Private Turkish lessons

Here you have a better chance of finding a Russian-speaking teacher, but this, of course, isn't the level of university courses. However, it's quite suitable for a basic level, and you won't lose understanding if your English leaves much to be desired.

You can find a teacher on various thematic forums and social networks. There are such offers on our Telegram forum, use the keyword search. Typically lessons cost 200 liras per hour and above.

Self-study of Turkish language

Perhaps the most ineffective way - you won’t see progress, you won’t have anyone to check your listening comprehension with, and this format doesn’t have the best effect on self-discipline. But there are also advantages - this is the most profitable option. Ready-made online courses are inexpensive, and there are even free applications.


  • Udemy;
  • Lingust;
  • many applications in the App Store and Google Play.


Are there any government free programs?

Yes, the administrations of some cities offer conditional free training, we wrote about it here.

Are there any good Turkish language textbooks?

In Northern Cyprus, in bookstores, you can find an excellent book “Let’s Learn Turkish” by Aysan Bayramoğlu.

Are there Turkish courses in South Cyprus?

Yes, the University of Cyprus offers similar programs as part of strengthening relations with Northern Cyprus. Details of the program can be found on this page.

You can find a Turkish language teacher on the largest Telegram forum of Northern Cyprus in the “Services” section.

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